Good moments from the holidays (so far)

– driving home to Goshen with Becca listening to loads of Christmas music and get a glimpse of blue sky right as we approached Goshen

– watching the candle dance at the Assembly bread & soup Christmas Eve service (I have been in this dance countless times and watched it even more, but I don’t get tired of the simple melody, the circle steps and the whole congregation lit by candlelight)

– trying to bake another batch of chocolate caramel cookies with sea salt that I had made earlier this week with Becca and ending up with a molten field of chocolate dough and rivers of caramel that despite their complete lack of cookie-ness are quite tasty

– seeing a Great Blue Heron from about 15 feet away on a pre-dawn walk  with my Mom

– completing one puzzle, two games of tichu with family and the various prep work (cranberry sauce, stuffing, etc) required for our Christmas dinner tomorrow

– indulging my great weakness for Christmas music by falling for Amazon’s 99 Christmas classics for 2 dollars deal (and then forcing my family to listen to it with me)

– working with my Mom to successfully sew a pair of mittens out of old wool sweaters.

– seeing all the assorted “kids” from Assembly who have since grown up and away and seem to be frighteningly adult now

– hand delivered Christmas packages

– the very traditional snowman the neighbors made in their lawn.

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays and I wish you the merriest of Christmases!

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