dear internet

I just wanted to write you a note about how much I love you.  You give me pictures of babies, cities, fresh fruit and rocking outfits.  You tell me when yet another college acquaintance gets engaged/has a baby/graduates from law school/goes off to live in the boonies/starts a blog.  You teach me the meaning of frustration by hiding pages, refusing to refresh, and dropping links.  You show me what a wolf whistle is, how dandelions reproduce and how to make cheap lighting fixtures.  You seduce me with offers of 1 dollar shipping and outlet sales.  You like to take all the minutes of my day and suck them into your giant beautiful black hole and then to top it off you sing me to sleep.

3 thoughts on “dear internet

  1. hmmm, actually I think what I was refering too was a way to make lighting fixtures for taking pictures and I found it BoingBoing, although considering it was a few days ago, it is probably rather buried in their archives section

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