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So remember back when I went to Seattle at the end of January and didn’t take many pictures, but had a really wonderful time.  Well a big part of that was – Alex, my boyfriend. Seeing as I tend to not write very much about romantic relationships on this blog and my own tendency to still find the phrase, my boyfriend, a very odd/lovely one to use, I held off on writing anything here for a while.  But this past weekend, Alex visited Chicago for the first time and seeing as we have been dating for just over a month and a half, I figured it would be time to introduce you all.

Question from the invisible audience: So, who the heck is Alex and how did you meet?

The meeting story (from my perspective, you will have to track down Alex yourself to get his) is as follows. Abby visits good friends from college in Seattle, she very briefly meets their new housemate and thinks he is pretty cool.*  Those same good friends encourage Abby’s interest by telling her all about how awesome Alex is (speaks French, very smart, funny, responsible, moral, geeky, helps with household chores, good cook, etc).  Abby returns home from visit but can’t seem to forget about Alex, but Abby does nothing.  Eventually Abby tires of previous plan and writes Alex a letter (who during those past 6 months had moved to Minneapolis to do service for a year).  He writes back and sends Abby really yummy baked goods.  Abby writes another letter and so forth for around 6 months.  Abby and Alex discover email.  Abby goes a bit crazy with not knowing for sure what their pen pal relationship truly is.  Almost exactly a year after the first letter, Abby tells Alex that she thinks he is pretty awesome and that if they weren’t living quite so far apart, she would ask him out on a date.  Alex replies (on Christmas morning – best present ever!) and says that he also thinks Abby is pretty awesome and that he too would like to go on a date with Abby.  Abby and Alex start to chat online and skype regularly.  Abby visits Seattle and they spend 4 really wonderful days together.  Alex and Abby decide to be girlfriend and boyfriend.

So, long distance dating between Chicago and Seattle, how is that going?

Well, yes long distance is hard, but thanks to modern technology we write emails, chat online, skype and more importantly thanks to the wonders of Spring Break, we get to see each other in just over 2 weeks!

Okay, Okay, enough of that, we want to see what he looks like!

If you want more pictures, click on over to the flickr sidebar for the full set.

Alex and me, hanging out in an old L car at the Chicago History Museum.

*I have no idea why I felt the need to write this in the third person, but it just seemed to make sense that way

17 thoughts on “Meet Alex

  1. I haven’t even read your post yet but that is the MOST ADORABLE PICTURE EVER and I am here going squee, or I would be if it weren’t late. I am internally squeeing.

  2. The post I have been waiting for! Ah, it’s so wonderful. And you two are great together and a lovely looking couple! Smile and sigh. Looking forward to getting to know you two more as a couple in the coming months.

  3. OMGYAY.
    Though it does make me sad that I’m not in Chicago and didn’t get to know about this story first hand. *sigh* But I’m extremely happy for you (both — because you are one hell of an amazing person).

    And when are you going to Seattle? ‘Cause I’m going to be there for at least the 31-3. Group trip to Theo’s? 😉

  4. I forgot to mention that it’s a very sweet way to start a relationship – through old fashioned letters. My heart is smiling 🙂

  5. How did I not see this? I am way, way out of the loop! Congrats to you both – as someone who did a long distance relationship for 18 months, I’m living proof it can work, since we’ve been together 10 years and married for 3 now. 🙂

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