Point for cleanliness

Today was a relaxing day full of reading, chatting with family, and actually a little productivity. Behold the great bathroom cleanup of November 2014. While I still really need to get some organizing baskets or something, at least the counter is finally clean and the stuff factor is reduced significantly.

Before and After Bathroom

2 thoughts on “Point for cleanliness

  1. I spent yesterday afternoon purging clothes from my dresser & closet. It’s the greatest feeling!

    If you end up getting some organizational baskets or something, post a new pic. I’m all about having everything contained.

  2. I totally will! I am mid-purge as I transition into winter clothes. I love the excitement of finding sweaters that I managed to completely forget I owned for 5 months.
    While I don’t love the work of actually cleaning, the high of completing it is pretty awesome.

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